This year I’m a runner!… Wait, why are you laughing? : wk 1

Running has never been easy for me, even when I was in excellent shape the most running I ever did was down the court and then stopping while holding still and waiving my arms (I played post because I was a giant back before everyone else caught up). Now I travel for work relatively frequently and want to have a way to keep fit that doesn’t involve lots of equipment, expensive classes, or a large amount of time. Not to mention the student loan struggle is REAL, so saving money on expensive memberships is a good thing.

I’m going to post as I go a weekly collection of all the runs I’ve had that week, starting the end of this week, which is week 1.



FITNESS LEVEL: I am currently sedentary. I haven’t really exercised in the last several years, per my “background” post. I’m a former beauty queen and used to LOVE to work out, but with all the demands of lab and life that is something that has fallen to the wayside. I’ve never been a runner and need to lose approximately 35lb for my BMI to be in the “healthy” range.

WEIGHT LOSS GOAL: 50lb at 1.5 lb/week; your goal shouldn’t be more than 3lb / week for an average person. There are some exceptions, but they are very few and even if you think otherwise, almost no one falls into the >3lb/wk category.

HEIGHT: 5’11”


I’ve had several injuries through the years, and want to make sure I stay injury free. This is mainly because I’m not crazy, but also because, like most of the non-Bill Gates public, I can’t afford to do anything that would cause me to miss work. Because of this, I’m going to do a true beginner take on starting to run. Plus, every time I’ve tried to do other plans where they are all, “run a mile” on day one, I say screw it and never stick with it because I’m so frustrated I can’t even get through the first day of the workout without laying in the floor certain I’m going to die. To all the plans who think someone who has never ran a day in their life, or are as out of shape as I am could actually do that, consider yourself thoroughly cussed out from an electronic distance, because there is a lot of “f-this” every time I read one of those “plans.”



Warm up by walking 3.5mph on treadmill for 5 min

Run 1 min, Walk 2 min (x 10)

Cool down (read try not to barf) at 3.5mph for 5 min

Cool down (once certain barfing isn’t going to happen) decreasing to 3 and then 2mph for an additional 5 min

Total time: 45 min

… (total time including telling myself, I really need to do this, and then getting up the energy to actually do it: at least 1 hr)

Repeat 3 (nonconsecutive) days this week

HOW IT WENT (aka did she yak)

DAY 1: Completed Dec 30th

Running form: Treadmill (because it’s completely gross outside right now if you grew up in a climate that almost never had snow)

Gear: shoes, clothes (because naked is always frowned upon), garmin vivosmart. From now on, assume these things unless I put otherwise.

So, the actual running part wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be … at first. I thought after reading a LOT of different plans, this was a reasonable starting point with a fine balance of “not going to die and or vomit … at the same time” and “not so easy I’m bored and quit.” The first several intervals were really good and I was tempted to run even longer than I had planned but then I remembered how out of shape I am and that I was only like 6 minutes in and would likely regret that decision.

DAY 2: Completed Jan 1 2016

Running form: Treadmill because it’s still to cold for a southerner to run in New England (why did I move here again???)

So I just learned my watch can set intervals WHILE recording my run.. this thing is awesome. I’ll try to do a review with pictures in a future post. I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days, so planning the second run of the week on New Years was probably a poor life decision.

DAY 3: Completed Jan 3 2016

Running form: Treadmill

I learned two things in this workout, 1) just because you can walk in certain yoga pants, doesn’t mean you can run in them, and 2) glasses and sweat don’t mix. I decided not to wear contacts and tossed my head around like a horse to confirm my glasses stay in place when I move. I neglected that I should have doused my face with water prior to my little experiment for a true trial, because as soon as I started to sweat they decided they no longer wanted to stay on my face. This was combined with my first mistake, which was my pants kept slipping, so I had one hand holding up my pants so certain very vital parts of me wouldn’t start rubbing together, and the other was keeping my glasses from making me look like a sweat covered librarian. This left me no hand to actually control the treadmill… do you see where this is going?

Lets just say that when you’re just starting to run, you always want one hand free to turn the belt speed down, even if you’re clothes are revolting against you.


I’m feeling pretty good about this training plan. It was hard enough that I didn’t feel bored, but not so much so that I felt it was too challenging to actually complete. Next week I plan on decreasing the rest time by 30 seconds, and adding one day of cross training.


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