Running Plan: Week 2

Well, one week down! This week I’m back to my normal life and lab schedule, so it’s going to be more challenging to fit everything in, but I have a plan!


Plan for Week 2


Warm up by walking 3.5mph on treadmill for 5 min

Run 1 min, Walk 1.5 min (x 12)

Cool down (read try not to barf) at 3.5mph for 5 min

Cool down (once certain barfing isn’t going to happen) decreasing to 3 and then 2mph for an additional 5 min

Total time: 45 min, Repeat 3 (nonconsecutive) days this week


In addition, on one “off” day, I’m going to cross-train by either walking for 1 hour, or “running” the stairs in my building for 15 minutes… Running is in quotes because we all know it’s really going to be walking and attempting not to die after the first two flights.

Walking/ Step Goals 

I also have a Garmin, and would like to make at least 10,000 steps per day during all weekdays. Because of the running this isn’t that hard. To make sure I meet the goal, I’m also going to walk to work any morning the temp is above 25C, and I’m going to start weaning myself from the elevator at work.

How it went  

Cross-training day 1: Completed on 1/4/2016

Form: a combination of 40 minutes walking outside and 10 minutes doing stairs… the stairs were not optional.. the elevator in my building was on the fritz, and it was the only way I could go back and forth from my apartment to the laundry room.

I tend to have more energy early in the week, so I wanted to get it out of the way now, while I still can.

Day 1

Completed on 1/5/2016

Form: Treadmill (with appropriate clothing this time)

When my clothes are not trying to revolt against me, it went much better. I think I might increase the running time as well as the scheduled decrease in rest for the remaining days of this week. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t die.

Day 2

Scheduled for 1/5/2016


How it went: I had been walking to and from work every day, and managed to fall over absolutely nothing on my way home on Wednesday night. I’m still pretty sore, and decided to give it a rest and only do two days of running this week.

Day 3

Completed on 1/5/2016

Form: Treadmill

My ankle is still a little bit tender, and I don’t want to overdo it so, I took it pretty easy on this run. I completed 8 of the repeats before my ankle started to feel week, and I walked the remaining time. Over all was an okay week, considering I managed to hurt myself in a completely ridiculous way, but I should be good to go next week.

Step Goal

You can see the days when I hurt myself, because I didn’t make my step goals. I’m still calling it a win though, because it is definitely more than I was doing the last month!

Screenshot of Garmin Connect for my step counts for the last week. You can see where I hurt myself and that my battery died on Sunday, so I didn’t wear it (which is why I had a total of 8 steps).



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