Running Week 3: I’m feeling it, but kind of in a good way

I’m finally getting why people do this to themselves. I’m not saying I really enjoy the action of running yet, but I really like the way I feel afterward. That being said, I mainly feel that way because this was a really rough week completion wise and I actually MISS that little bit of time I spend on myself.

At the end of the post I’m including a “what I did wrong” section for assumptions I made, even though I KNEW this was going to be a busy week in the lab and that I’d be working late.

I’ve got to remember this the next time I have a rough week.

Week 3 Plan


Warm up by walking 3.5mph on treadmill for 5 min

Run 2 min, Walk 1 min (x 10)

Cool down at 3.5mph for 5 min

Cool down lowering speed for 5 min

Total time: 45 min, Repeat 3 (nonconsecutive) days this week


In addition, on one “off” day, I’m going to cross-train by either walking for 1 hour, or “running” the stairs in my building for 15 minutes

Walking/ Step Goals 

I also have a Garmin, and would like to make at least 10,000 steps per day 5x during the week.

HOW IT WENT (it was a rough one)

Day 1 completed on 11Jan2016


The weather today was horrible, but after a big lab meeting on Monday I knew this was going to be a rough week, so I decided to walk for an hour. It was slow going and only certain parts of the area I live in were clear, so I just walked around those repeatedly. Kind of boring, but at least I got out and did something.


My lab had some very important planning meetings this week, and I knew that I’d be working late at least a few nights. My plan was that I’d still get up super early, which is how I’ve been consistent in previous months, but that just didn’t happen. I missed any real alone time through the week, so I decided I’d use my morning time to relax with Dr Hops and do my workouts after work… This was a horrible life decision.

What I learned from this week (which I really already knew but let myself slide and shouldn’t have) is that I simply won’t do indoor activities after spending a busy day in the lab. Getting up early is no longer an issue, though I’ve never naturally been a morning person, but getting my butt into workout gear and actually DOING something has been.

What I tell people when they ask me to run with them

On the plus side, I might actually suck it up and join a running group through my work. There are a lot of people who schedule a run over lunch or after work a few days a week and I’ve talked with them about starting this running program. I ran into them yesterday and told them about the week I’m having and they recommended I join them, even though I can’t really run very long or very fast yet. I thought that was awesome! So far everyone I’ve talked to has been extremely supportive and offered advice for how they started.*

*The exception being two nationally ranked runners I know who compete in ultras. They don’t really remember NOT running, and I have no desire to run in the 100mi races they run… That being said, they’ve also been super supportive and don’t make fun of the fact that I’m having trouble with a mile and they run 10-15 on “easy” days when training.

Moral of all this… RUNNERS ARE AWESOME!


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