That’s not a cocktail, it’s just vodka

To explain the title, I’ve been watching Chelsea Handler’s new series “Chelsea On…” on Netflix. I’ve read her books and thought one was pretty funny and absolutely hated the other, but her series is GREAT!


During my husband’s entrance to graduate school his college welcome including a lecture where the professor asked the incoming students to raise their hands if they drank coffee, and then asked to do the same if they drank alcohol. He then announced “welcome to graduate school, you should chose your vice now because you’re not making it out of here without one of the two things I just mentioned.

My choice was both, I started drinking coffee to get through the long hours graduate school required. Then as school sucked most of my interests away and took up pretty much all waking hours, I also started drinking more. Many of my friends had the motto “work hard, play hard” and we took that to heart.


This carried over into different high demand jobs but since I’ve moved to Boston I’m trying to cut all vices either out or back to a suitable level. I’m proudly down to one cup of coffee on weekdays and normally only drink a hard cider or two on the weekends we meet friends. This has allowed me to wake up earlier and get more shit done because I’m sleeping better and I’m not stressed about always being behind.

The next time you see my cup full of a clear liquid and ice, know it’s ACTUALLY water!


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