Best Podcasts of Jan 2016


As the banner above states, this month’s theme is horror and I’ve got two gems for you. Dr Hops and I are both huge horror fans, we are particularly fans of anything world ending or particularly brain craving.

Pseudopod is a horror based fiction podcast that hires professional voice actors and narrators to read stories with the intention to scare and disturb. Some of the stories are better than others, as with anything you can’t hit everyone’s cup of tea 100% of the time, but this site contains quite a few great stories.

Sweetness” by B.C. Edwards

Run time: 30 minutes

Topics: Relationships/ Loss/ What makes us human/ Infection/ Mortality/ Zombies

Quote from Edwards:

“When it comes to the classic zombie myth, I’ve always been curious about what it must feel like to change from human to monster. It seems to me something of a huge cop-out to have the transformation happen only after the person was dead. And I’ve always been interested in why zombies act the way they do. Why the hunger?”

Brief Synopsis:  Our main character is just a normal middle class guy going about his life with his partner as the rumors of infection start to spread. All it takes is one scratch and your life is over… but not immediately. You get to see everything you love slip away from you. It’s a story of the transformation while possessing the knowledge that you contain something that will slowly take your life while you watch as a bystander, unable to act. How do people deal with impending death and what would they do to prolong even a small part of the person they used to be?

Pseudopod story quote:

“It starts in the back of the throat, that spot where coughs gets caught when you’ve got a cold. It is sweet, like too much caramel, like cheap air freshener, like that perfume my grandmother wore constantly and which always made me gag.

Now I wonder if this is the last time I’ll think about my grandmother.

It will consume me piece by piece until there is nothing left and I am one of those that has been overcome by it. That is how it works, they say. The people on the news say.”

Bad Newes from New England” by Moaner T Lawrence

Run time: 52 minutes

Topics: Historical Fiction/ Zombies

Brief Synopsis: The foundation of the story is taken from actual historical accounts from the settling of the US by British colonists, and the beginning relationship of these people with the native tribes. Lawrence then adds a creative twist with what could happen if the greed that killed so many could be refocused. If you like the concept of Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, you’ll enjoy this piece.


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