Bookish Questions: Death of a Favorite Character


I’ve felt the deaths of many characters through the years, and when the story completely takes over, I think all readers really feel the loss. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and the story that has stayed with me the most, and left me crying like a little baby, can be summed up in a single word… Always.

Other stories have left me clutching a tissue while my bewildered husband stares, but nothing, for me, comes close to the last moments of Severus Snape. Still Alice, The Nightingale, Where the Red Fern Grows, and The Book Thief all stay with me, but there is something special in Snape’s story as well as his never ending devotion to one of the few people who was kind to him. He wasn’t a perfect person but despite that, and how horrible he was treated both in school and at home, he gave all that he had to give.

To me, this is a story of how small acts can greatly influence the lives of others, and is but another example as to why it’s always a good idea to be kind to others. You never know their struggle or when will be your last chance to say goodbye.


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