“How many pages until you quit” or “The awful book I’m reading”

How many pages do you give a book before you decide to move on? I’ve heard 100- your age is a good starting point. I think it also depends on the total number of pages, and the weight of the material covered. A comedy that I’m just okay with I’ll likely still finish, just because it doesn’t take me long to do so, but a philosophical read of 500+ pages I’ll cut my loses and move on to the next book on my to-be-read list.


Do you feel you HAVE to finish a book you start? I typically don’t feel the need, but the book I’m currently reading I borderline loathe, and I’m still plugging along. It isn’t long, it’s a very simple writing style, and there is ONE aspect I want to know the answer to… so I’m still reading it.

Review to come soon, but this is easily one of the worse books I’ve read in a WHILE. Did booktubers get paid to hype this??* Because I normally agree with a lot of the people I follows recommendations, but this has been AWFUL.


*youtube policy is that they are supposed to indicate if something was a paid video, or they were given a book for free to review… it’s looking like that wasn’t the case though.


6 thoughts on ““How many pages until you quit” or “The awful book I’m reading”

  1. Firstly I love the name of your blog!! booktubers can be a little misleading sometimes- I don’t know if they mean to be, but sometimes they can get a book for free, spend 10 minutes slating it and then give it 4 or 5*- and I’m just like what?!?!? I’ve tried to stop reading books I don’t like much these days before I waste days on them- it’s just not worth it- but sometimes it’s just so hard to quit! Especially if, like you said, there’s something you just *need* to know :/


    1. I feel the same way! I normally don’t finish a book I dislike this much, but the world was so interesting I really wanted to see more. It’s strange, in other portions of YouTube they have to be extremely open about sponsorship but it doesn’t seem to translate to booktube. I guess it’s also easier to get caught when you have millions of viewers versus the tens-of-thousands most book bloggers have? … Very disappointing! Also, it seems like it’s almost all YA??!?

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      1. yeah exactly- sometimes I also just want to see if it’s going to get good, because there are books out there which begin in a mediocre way, but then end up being fantastic (like Magician’s Guild)- so often I think “oh well, when they’re done with world-building, this will be awesome. But a lot of time that’s not the case.
        yeah I’ve noticed that- usually, for example, vloggers are fine about it and beauty vloggers do a good job of being honest- but sometimes I feel like booktube falls short :/ That’s probably it. Yeah- it’s very odd like that- I find people on blogging sites have diverse tastes, but people on youtube don’t as much- hmm- wonder why that is?

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  2. I find it quite hard to stop and DNF a book but sometimes, when a book is unbearably atrocious or if its making me fall asleep, I have just have to call it a day and throw the book through a window 🙂

    I wish you luck with the book! Maybe it’ll pick up later on? Haha, well, have fun – nice post by the way!


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