Bookish Questions: What book has been on our TBR the longest?


For some reason the plot summary of The Pillars of the Earth gets me interested every time I see it, but I always overlook it when I go to pick up the next book in my queue. Part of the reason is the daunting page number for the first book. No matter the book, 900+ pages is a major commitment.

The next book that I’m actually extremely interested in but I always over look is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The synopsis of this book is intriguing but I also am really interested in the praise it received as being one of the most popular books given to soldiers during World War II. It was mentioned again in “When books go to war” where it was discussed as being one of the most traded books by soldiers, and how it went through multiple printings because men carried the copies with them in the trenches.

One of the classics that has been on my list for a while is North and South. This is another that I really want to want to read because it’s mentioned so often on blogs and as top reads for classics. A classic I genuinely WANT to read is Northanger Abbey. For some reason, this one also always tends to get shuffled to the side, and every 6 months or so I put it back on the top of my TBR, only for it to begin the inevitable slow spiral back down to the bottom of the pile.


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