Why I’d rather pretend April didn’t happen

This has been a very rough month for me. As most of you know, I’m an analytical chemist and work with small molecules related to metabolism. I’ve been having problems with my mass spec this month and it’s required the company come in to replace some parts, meaning I lost quite a bit of time on an already tight schedule.

This combined with a massive turnover in management and our complete portfolio so far as potential targets means I’m starting a ton of projects from scratch with little or no time to actually do so.

In summary : STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically everything in my life has taken a hit because of the crazy hours I’m putting in at the moment. Reading crawled to an almost standstill, no new blog posts, laundry has been done at 4:30AM because it’s the only time I’ve had free and I’ve pretty much stopped running.

The only thing that has remained unaffected is pretty much my Border Collie’s schedule… She’s still getting her walks and kibble is served on time, so she’s having a pretty good month.

On the plus side, I’ve been given a few days off because of all the overtime the last several weeks, and Dr Hops and I are planning a little trip tomorrow.

Here’s to May, which has to be better than April!

Back to school… again, and the female chemist

I’ve started a new analytical chemistry/ mass spec graduate course and was really surprised to find that two of the five professors for this course are female chemists and almost HALF of my class consists of female graduate students in chemistry!! This is pretty amazing considering only about 18% of tenure track faculty positions in chemistry are held by women. Part of the reason I’m so surprised is, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, women make up approximately 49% of BS, 47% of MS, and 39% of PhD graduates.

I’m not so sure I’m excited about being in school again. I forgot how much work even a single class is, much less a graduate course, but I’m also very excited to move my career forward and expand my skill set.